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Episode 7 Tantra Punk
March 01, 2015 08:40 PM PST
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Ben is a spiritual activist and a survivor of abuse and addiction. He turned his life around through becoming aware of the multidimensional aspects of himself. That being his metaphysical body and chakra vortex system. He came to realize that his past abuse and addiction left his metaphysical body riddled with transdimensional parasitic creatures which were harboring great psychic trauma. We detail the whole experience of him coming into awareness of this problem and the steps he took to psychically and spiritually cleanse himself. This is an amazing account of a true survivor who is giving back this knowledge to an awakened eco-friendly community of new men and women. The contagion of spiritual putrescence can and should be removed from the aura in all timelines. When you silence your mind and still your body you can become aware of the energies surrounding you. While in the meditative state visualize yourself from outside of your self. See your meditating body as becoming as clear as possible. You may notice fuzzy or dark areas that refuse to bend to your vision.Something has fastened itself to your auric field that aught naught be. Mentally and physically pull off these darker colored areas. Imagine energetic saw blades of light emanating from your hands and physically cut any tentacles, tethers, ties or roots from you. Especially focus on your heart and solar plexus. This may release a great deal of emotion and trigger memories of harms done to you. There are actual pieces or fragments of your soul that have been “stuck” in that moment in time where the hurt literally fractured your being upon occorrence. These aspects of your fractured soul are lost and it is your shamanic duty to heal them and reunite those aspects in a healing and maternal way.
Look through your lifetime and you may see younger aspects of yourself which are still dissasociated. You must reclaim these aspects. Call to them, understand that the pain was as real as it was illusionary, for we are in a matrix of learning, and this process of reintegration will be much like a virus search on your computer. Call out to all of your lost soul fragments to return to you in love for the purpose of full processing and integration. View outside of yourself all the aspects of yourself along the time span of your life. By offering gifts forgiveness and understanding from your new found perspective you can beacon the aspects of the fractured soul to come back to you, filling your human body and reintegrating with you in a most sacred and healing manner. Soul retrieval is a vital Shamanic tool which will result in a fuller, happier resonance. The more of your soul that is actually in your body, the more you will resonate or sing with the spirit of creation, which is your most natural and original state.
This is healing work. This is the most sacred and unspoken of work. For even the finest china is never lost but a chip in its even most dramatic of falls from the cupboard. It is always brought back together again and sewn with the golden glue and considered better for the new aspect of character. This character is the adornment of experience that eternity anticipated by falling into materialization in the first place.
A practice of meditation and aligning the clear chakra points will result in physical vibration, auditory and visual hallucinations and heavy emotional release. A private and safe environment is recommended .

David Wilcock Collaboration
January 03, 2015 12:46 AM PST
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This is an audio companion to coincide with the blog I just posted covering the art I did for David Wilcock's Book the Syncronicity Key. Which talks about reincarnation, the souls journey through lives and the invocation of spirit through art and experience.

FREEMAN-Episode 6
April 30, 2010 01:21 AM PDT
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The occult sorcerers that run the world exposed by postulations of none other than the curious FREEMAN of http://freemantv.com
Egyptian origins of the Vatican and their secret scientific pursuits code named lucifer. Walt Disney working with Nazis in Nasa and Barrack Obama a Clone. Mayan Computers and Pyramid technology. Sacred mystic teachings masonic mind control cosmic rebirth heart vibrations and syncronicity. Its all here in this stimulating one hour conversation with FREEMAN. Background music provided by CYPHLON

February 10, 2010 04:10 PM PST
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I talk with Justin Wilkinson, editor, narrator, documentary film maker with a very unique perspective about the human status and origin at this time. We talk about Atlantis, Lumeria, and the spawning of the demonic forces brought about by an early, unknowing humanity and the LORDS OF MATERIALITY. Frankenstein, Minotaurs and ancient genetic manipulations envoking the demonic kingdom. These ancient demonic forces were invited and became interwoven with the human evolution which is why we have had such a brutal and savage evolution. These forces were quenched during the final great war in 1945. The new age where these demonic forces, which inspire so much suffering in the world, will be cast out. A very interesting discussion.
James Dozer and Tom Denney created a soundtrack of strange noises inspired by and made to accompany the discussion. You can hear it playing in the background. You can download this interesting improv sonic performance without narration by going to

I KLATUS-Episode 4
January 27, 2010 06:20 PM PST
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I KLATUS is a band/exploration of esoteric origins by sonic vortex portals experimentation . All of us grew up and went to school together on the southside of Chicago in a small polish/irish catholic neighborhood. I was branded as a trouble maker, expelled from the altar boys for setting fires and the parents banded together to protect their children from my trouble maker influences which left young John and at odds for years. Chris Wozniak and I met in Marist highs Marching band but it wasn't until 2005 that John E. Bomber II found me again and we rediscovered one another. We have always felt some sort of greater calling, we came together to begin the creation of arcane hermitc music together.
We talk about cosmic origins, the state of existence to a molecule, covalent bonds, DNA that travels through space, the flower of life, the white rabbit, past lives, Atlantean knowledge, Marduk, the infinite soul of our bass player, Tariq Ali, who committed suicide just a few months before. We expel our dis-ease about life and channel higher knowledge somehow not even knowing where the lyrics come from. We reflect on this and explore the meaning of some of our older songs, and where we could be headed as musicians, creatively and spiritually forcing each other to grow and become greater. The song you will hear "MARDUK" has never been released as well as "MODEL PRISONER" which you will hear for the first time on this podcast. You can purchase our 2008 CD "Surveillance and Worship" or listen to our new songs for the upcoming "ENDER" album at

January 10, 2010 02:20 AM PST
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Teaching psychic defense from parasitic pandimensional entities which feed off of negative human emotions. I talk with LA artist Joe Torres (Lefty Joe) about how to recognize these creatures in your own life, and how to deal with them. Exploring the possibilites of the unseen. The evil non human creatures that control Universal studios, the shadow network and the hat man.
There are parasites on every level from the microcosm to the macrocosm with virus cells to ticks and mosquitos, why would we believe it stops there. The macrocosm is likely filled with these entities, as we observe in our conversation. The best and most effective deffense is staying within a positive and aware vibration. One can focus on the bubble of protective light that surrounds them, and emits from our solar plexus and heart chakras, the central sun of the human soul. When it emits negative energy, or negative emotions, we put a crack in this protective shell and energy escapes. Could there be creatures out side of our vision that feed off of this energy, and possibly implant thoughts in our heads to get us to feel these negative emotions. Recognizing alien thoughts is the key. Check out both of our art, as it reflects our own battles with these creatures all around us. An excellent hour long conversation intended to help people dealing with these issues and raise awareness that these beings exist and can be dealt with. They are likely from a different dimension, and very confused that they are here. They have put on many scary disguises to protect themselves. We need to see through this and approach the subject with respect and confidence. Every thing in existence was created for a reason by source, respect that, and be reminded that every dark shadow was once a reflection of light that somehow lost its way. Be assertive that you do not have time for games, that you love them and they should return to the source from which they originated. Helping them remember that they do not belong in this world interacting with humans will also help. Never give into fear and depression. keep the energy white and flowing.This is your psychic defense.

Episode 2
January 05, 2010 04:25 PM PST
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Romeo Falvarko and Mike Mcevoy talk with Tom Denney about Astral Projection. What is it, how do you do it, what is its implications. None of these things get answered as Romeo takes the conversation on many bizarre and confusing tangents.